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    Zhebang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang zhebang pharmaceutical and Shangyu zhebang chemical
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    Email: hr@zbpharm.com

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    URL: www.zbpharm.com
    Add: No.3 Weiwu Road, Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Techological Development Area, Zhejiang Province, 312369 P.R.China.

    About us
    Zhejiang zhebang pharmaceutical and Shangyu zhebang chemical

    Zhejiang Zhebang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise with pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates as main products. Located in Shangyu Industrial Park of Hangzhou Bay in the south wing of Changjiang Delta (Shanghai is the central city of this region), we enjoy good location and convenient transportation for we are very close to Ningbo, Shanghai, Huhangyong expressway and Shangsan Expressway. 
    Covering an area of 66,700sqm, we now have 17,000sqm of buildings, CNY 350 million of assets and an annual sales income of CNY 500 million. Founded in December, 2003, we now have about 300 employees, and 30% of them have college education. At present, they play key roles in the positions of research, development, production, management and trade of our company.
    As a famous manufacturer of China for chemical synthetic APIs, we now are mainly engaged in the research, development, production and trade of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates. Our main products are Cephalosporin APIs (cefradine, cefalexin and cefaclor, etc.). Especially, we annually produce more than 1,000 tons of cefradine, and occupy over 60% of Chinese market now. At the same time, we also sell dozens kinds of products such as isotretinoin, Acitretin, ambroxol hydrochloride, Agomelatine, aztreonam (crude), tirofiban and cefprozil, etc.
    Sticking to such idea of "Human-orient, leading technology, social service", Zhebang aims to "get development by leading technologies" and "establish cooperative relationships with universities a research institutes". There are senior technicians in our company, and they play key roles in the positions of pharmaceutical management, production and development of our company. Through establishing closely cooperative relationships with Zhejiang University, China Pharmaceutical University and other large pharmaceutical enterprises of China, we are working hard on the research, development and production of hi-tech products, and striving to put more and more creative products into the market. We committed to the research and development of new drugs since 2010, including Cardiovascular drugs, diabetes drugs, antidepressant drugs, antiepileptic drugs and anti-cancer drugs.

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